Pentateuque by Fabien Merelle

A collaboration between Fabien Merelle, Christophe Chabenet, Pascal Molina and Ten24. We scanned Fabien in his "Pentateuque" pose for a reference maquette. The final piece will be 5 metres tall. All imagery containing the original maquette [lower two pictures] belong to Fabien Merelle, Christophe Chabenet and Pascal Molina and must not be used without their prior consent.

*Edited the front image. Didn't want people thinking i'd made the actual sculpture.
Scans for "Pentateuque"
A recent collaboratation with Fabien Merelle, Christophe Chabenet, Pascal Molina and Ten24. 
We scanned the artist in this pose. Then cleaned up the mesh in ZBrush before handing it over to Fabien.
The final piece will be 5 metres tall!
Artwork below by Fabien Merelle, Christophe Chabenet and Pascal Molina
A recent picture forwarded by the sculptors. Left image, their  full size 3d print/sculpture.. on the right our scanned/sculpted ZBrush data.
Below - This finished piece in situ. Hong Kong
"Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong of highly acclaimed French artist, Fabien Mérelle (b. 1981). The exhibition, which commences the week of Art Basel Hong Kong, will consist of a show in the gallery as well as a public installation in Statue Square Gardens, Central. On display in the gallery will be a series of Fabien Mérelle’s intricate ink and watercolour drawings as well as a sculpture. The public installation, which is also part of Le French May program supported by the French Consulate, will feature a sculpture made of silicone that brings to real life scale Mérelle’s fantastical drawing Pentateuque (2012)."
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